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My Turn To Dance (W. Crissell, R. Bassett)
My Turn To Dance © 2005 Richard Trevor Bassett, Willie Crissel

Verse 1: I was Valedictorian
They cheered for me so loud
My dreams took me to the stars
I was so damn proud
Then I fell in love, I fell too hard
I got my goodbye in a Christmas card
And my first child is just a month away
I hold it together, or so it seems
Did one bad choice, end all of my dreams

Chorus: Did I miss my turn to dance
Did I miss my chance to sing
Did giving my heart to the wrong boy
Change my everything
Will I get another chance
Did I miss my turn to dance

Verse 2: Seven bright blue candles
On his birthday cake
Timmy and I were up late last night
He wanted to help me bake
As he blows them out to mark another year
I hide from him my happy tears
I?ve been blessed since his first breath
He?s helped me to conquer my fears
He?s all I?ve needed, all of these years

2nd Chorus: He?s my turn to dance
He?s my reason to sing
He?s my moment in the spotlight
He?s my everything
He?s my big second chance
My little boy is my reason to dance

Bridge: Timmy turned to me and said
Mommy do you know
That my love for you is something
I?ll never outgrow
Then we danced hand in hand
?Til the moon lit the night
And I thanked God for making
Everything right

2nd Chorus (out)
Lyrics Credits: Richard Bassett, Willie Crissel
Music Credits: Richard Bassett, Willie Crissel
Producer Credits: Richard Bassett, Kim Copeland
Performance Credits: Rachel Williams
Song Length: 3:45
Primary Genre: Pop-General
Secondary Genre: Country-Contemporary
Tempo: Very Slow (Under 70)